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Proinvest Park Miroslava - spaces for rent

Est,E582 / Dn28

Storage and production spaces for rent in a modern logistics park, located in the Iasi metropolitan area. Total area 130,000 sq m.

5.000 m² - 30.000 m²

Updated: 28-03-2024

Industrial hall for rent in Iasi, Miroslava area

Est,Basarabia Street, Miroslava

Industrial hall for rent located in western part of Iasi, at 1,8 km distance from Dn28 national road. Acces from the ring road. Total area of 2,300 sq m.

2.300 m² - 2.300 m²

Updated: 22-03-2024

Warehouse for rent Incity Iasi

Est,10 Chimiei Blvd.

Hall for rent located in Metalurgiei industrial area, with direct access to public transport. Total area of 5.500 sq m.

5.500 m² - 5.500 m²

Updated: 22-03-2024

Industrial Space for rent - Eli Park Iasi


Industrial spaces for rent in the western part of Iasi, in Eli Park Iasi logistic park. Total rentable area: 61,256 sq m.

1.600 m² - 10.000 m²

Updated: 22-03-2024

Storage for rent in Constanta – Eli Express Constanta

Est,131A I.C Bratianu Blvd.

Hall for rent in the east of Constanta, located on the DN3 national road, with direct access to the A3 motorway. Total area 11,000 sq m

5.800 m² - 5.800 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Quartz Production Hall

Est,Celulozei Street

Warehouse for sale in western part of Constanta, in Palas industrial area, with direct access to national road DN3. Total :buildings 5,000 sqm and land 35,000 sq m

0 m² - 0 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Incity Bacau

Est,Izvoare Street

New storage or production spaces to let in southern Bacau, near to Letea Stadium. At 2 km distance from DN2. Total area of 24,900 sq m (min. 850 sq m).

848 m² - 7.000 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Black Sea Vision


Industrial spaces for rent in southern Constanta. Direct access to the A4 motorway, respectively A2 motorway and Constanta Harbor. Total area of 39,350 sq m. A-class.

3.000 m² - 20.000 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Industrial spaces to rent in TRC Park Bacau

Est,E85 / DN2

New logistic park of A-class standards, located in Bacau, the airport area, on E85 (DN2). Total rentable 9.000 sq m GLA.

600 m² - 1.200 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Logistic Park - Constanta

Est,6 Industriala Street

Industrial spaces to let in Logistic Park Constanta, the largest industrial park in Constanta area. Rapid access to the main transport routes.

0 m² - 0 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

WDP Agigea

Est,E675, Agigea Area

Storage and production spaces for rent, in Agigea area. Potential for the development of 51,500 sq m GLA.

2.500 m² - 51.500 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

WDP Industrial Park Mihail Kogalniceanu

Est,E60, Mihail Kogalniceanu Area

WDP Mihail Kogalniceanu, new industrial park with storage and production spaces located north of Constanta City, with potential to reach a total of 46,000 sq m GLA.

2.500 m² - 26.000 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024

Olympian Park Constanta

Est,De1A, Agigea Area

Olympian Park Constanta, industrial project located south of Constanta, in Agigea area. Potential for over 45,000 sq m GLA.

4.000 m² - 45.000 m²

Updated: 15-03-2024